Sunday, 3 April 2011

Writing about Games, Previews, reviews, commentary and lies

Games have been around for a wile, and to get the public into them what do we need ?? Reviewers to put what they think of a new release that have hit the shelf's of are stores. However one problem they FAIL, Why is this you might ask ? If you think about it logically for those how buy the gaming magazines don't take into consideration to speed in witch issues are released, as Kieron Gillen will tell you in his blog gaming journalist have become “lazy, corrupt and fundamental stupid” when I read this I could not stop laughing because its so true! Ever couple of weeks a new magazine is realest this dose not give reviewers time to review a game fully, they have to cut corners to hit those deadlines a problem they face day in day out and the result of this lazyness reviews seem half done and a large amount of times corrupt and one-sided. You would think that the aim is to try and sell the game they are reviewing not throw it down the shit can that is just bad marketing, the last time I read a gaming “MAG” the review was bland and boring really depressing stuff, But its only now I realise why! If a game is buggy or some of the game assets are faulty instead of telling the game developers, giving them a chance to correct it the game simply gets the shit drilled out of it, not really something you want to read if you a hardcore gamer. SO who pays the reviewers wage?? a stupid answer to that question is the head of the studio DERP! In all cases yes but where do they get there funding form, from the game company asking for a review ? It would not surprise me if a margin of the money comes from game company's ask the gaming “Mags” to get there new game published and advertised and in most case reviewed so readers can sit back and say “this game seems f**cking awesome I am sure going to buy this”. Of course not all Readers of gaming mags will talk to themselves like Muppet's but its because of the fan base of the magazines I think that's what pays the journalists wages. You know looking back at my blog posts I would not make much money in reviewing games, but I do think I put a point across a lot of the time in a subjective manor
and there are other ways that games can be reviewed some better then others, although that is just a personal opinion. So what can I say gaming journalism seem hard as hell everything you have to think about, everything you have to acknowledge and think about carefully will effect what you put on paper read to be placed into that Mag, lots of lies and bad reviews have been created let there be not more !

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