Monday, 11 April 2011

Elements of game design, part one

This is it, everything I am doing in this course leads to this one important part within this industry the all important design process. With out this all games would be pointless and make no sense and in all cases would not even be made! Everyone knows that the starting point to the design process is to create a pitch or a tech-document showing an idea for a possible game. Within this document there will be and outline of the hole point to the game, in other words a story line and plot to the game. This leads me onto talking about game play, what is game play ?? game play for me is how you interact with the game wile you play, what you do within the game and also the style in which it has to be played. There are many styles of games, RPG , FPS , RTS ect and all of these types of games have different Game play make each game ideal for different gamers.

In a lot of ways this can effect a game dramatically making it bad or good, In my opinion it comes down to the artists and what they create for the game. The artwork is very important for the creation of a game, it can determinate what type of game will be created. This is another part of why the artwork is import each genre requires artwork to fit the style of the game with this in place game production teams can then begin making assets and texture them to fit what has been asked with the design document .

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