Monday, 25 April 2011

Elements of game design, part Four- Environment

When playing a game one of the things I look at the most is the environment, what elements have been placed in to the level I am playing to making it awesome to look at, also fun and interesting to play on. Now when an Environment is construed the builder has to think about how the player is going to navigate through the level to complete or reach the end of the area, Lighting is important, The slight change in textures or the atmosphere, all these play a big role in the navigation part to any level. The most important one being the lighting. Lighting can do so much more then just showing you a passage its also used for atmospheric porpoises, Dark dull lighting can set a horror style environment light and bright lighting can suggest warm calm or happy levels However I feel that it can be used to show futuristic atmosphere, all these different methods help towards making a well working and an awesome playable game level. Its interesting to think that there is always a thin line between an environment being Believable to just plain ridiculous, hindering the players experience in that particular level. How can this be avoided??? one of the most effective ways and probably the one with common scene, use a design process so you don't go off on a tangent.
This would be to process I would go though in order to create a working playable level, some people would say it wrong but every person has there own way to going about the design process. It is important though that the level environment has to be believable other wise the player with loose interest and once that has gone the player will simply stop playing that game.
There is a film I have watch so many time just for the atmosphere from the scenes and how awesome they would make a game level, Star trek! The film was released in 2009 yet the cinematography it just breath taking and the art work is also just as interesting to look at, the artists name is James Clyne.

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