Sunday, 24 April 2011

Elements of game design, part three – Characters

Character design is quite an interesting process, all the qualities and characteristics need to be thought about in detail to Define that character to make he / she stand out with in the game environment. Starting point for a character is background, where did he/ she come from, what things dose she / he like, what year was she/he born have there been events that might of made the character evil or good. Another big part is personality, how would the character act in game depending on the situation, Cinematic Deliver this across very well, However some games my be interactive and the characters around you interact all the time, take oblivion or fallout 3 these games use that mechanic very well. Thinking about the process of character you need something to work around to begin, like and event of date in time! One character in found insanely interesting was in a book called Orcs. The name of the character is Stryke he is the leader of and orcish clan “the Wolf clan” taken hostage and made to server and evil wench to find a power artefact of grate power. What is it about this character I found interesting ? Why did I want to read more and find out what happens to him, Well simple really he was a well thought out character and in same ways the read can relate to his plight, and become entangled into his story. Everything that a character should have was in Stryke from the book orcs, But of course not many people read in to days society young people watch films or play games. However films also have to take same Direction when a character is being created I dull character can make a film really bad or really engaging its all down to the story and how that character is preformed by the actor. In a personal opinion I really do feel that the character background and history is the most important part, Why you may ask ? Well knowing what that character has been though where he/she has been what events have led them to those places where are they wanting to go, all these things just make everything about a character, with out these fundamental points the design and creation would be a waste of time. An example from the book Orcs or monologue from the main character stryke,

“Look at me. Look at the Orc. There is fear and hatred in your eyes. To you I am a monster, a skulker in the shadows, a fiend to scare your children with. Hear my story. Feel the flow of my blood and be thankful. Thankful that it was me, not you, who bore the sword. Thankful to the Orcs—born to fight, destined to win peace for all.”

This short and powerful monologue made the character stryke stand out, made me want to follow his story I wanted to know what he and his band of orcs had been though to get into the situation they have found themselves to be in. My opinion the book is one of the best reads for a reason, I suggest those reading this get the book you will love it.

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