Friday, 15 April 2011

Elements of game design, part two ART DIRECTION!!

Art Direction! Is it important some might say no... for those people who feel that way YOU ARE WRONG so very wrong. With out this part of game creation, the art work created would not meet brief standards and in the industry everything needs to fit What the Client has asked for. So what do you do? Simple really get yourself someone who knows the fundamentals of drawing, understands how lighting , atmospheric scenes, textures someone who understands that to sell a game the art direction has to be appropriate, of course you know I am talking about an Art director. Art director is not an easy job to get you need lots of industry experience and understand a lot of games and the artwork involved. So what do they do, well let just say work , work nothing but work! Not only are you one of the art team your also the one who set the direction in witch the art work most go, to successfully complete this task not only do they have to write briefs for the artists but also make sure that the art work is done right and is artistic correct and in line with the clients brief. Although this sounds like they do nothing your very mistaken, in fact a lot of the time the art directors do most of the work to help with the production of ark work needed to build environments and characters to a standards that make gamers jaw drop, the kind of art work that will sell a game. This link to GW2 website shows a video of how there art direction has led them in creating such a spectacular game please check it out it is, one fantastic video full of cool shit.
In all cases an art director is responsible for the art team making sure everything go's to plan and all art work created is cool enough to make that file of awesome shit that makes that game look outstanding, and in all honesty I think that with out this direction, games would not be the way they are the this generation...hell maybe awesome games full of cool content may have not even existed, Art direction is Fundamentally a
big part in the industry one in witch if feel Defines the beautiful existence of game art.
P.s my passion for game art is not gay it is freaking awesome >.<

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