Tuesday, 16 November 2010

gaming......who plays games?!?!?!

Games have been around for a long time, the origin of gaming came from early cathode ray tube based missile defence systems in the late 1940s, though the 1950s-1960s games where beginning to be developed more Mostly on Mainframe computers but gradually became more and more sophisticated and new advanced platforms where arriving such as Arcade, game consoles, personal computers and later on in the late 1980s hand held games. The golden age I personal think is today's generation, online gaming, multi player, interactive gaming (wee , PS3 move , Xbox kenect) with platforms that blow my mind when I think about it, But none of this would have been here if The NES was not released! The NES or Nintendo entertainment system was sold to the public around 1983 using an 8bit platform Super Mario brothers was born, the NES was a success and dominated the market until the next generation of consoles in the 1990s this generation was the biggest leap for consoles, seeing the arrival of the Sega master system, play station 1, Nintendo 64, the game boy and also advancement into Computer gaming. There are so many games that have been made for all these platforms and a lot of the famous ones like the Zelda series , Dragon quest, final fantasy the birth of RPGs or Role playing games. From here New genres where being introduced such as stealth gaming with the first of the metal gear solid series then came survival horror with the release of sweet home. The 1990s was the home to 3D gaming with the creation of First person shooters real time strategy and Hand held consoles. Thus generation saw the arrival of grate games such as Wolfenstein 3D , starglider2 or alpha waves, later in the 90s came MMORPGs also know as Mass muti online role playing games, Ultima online and Everquest where created which would soon open the release of runescape.
Once this platform was now available games and consoles became more and more powerfull as the Playstation1 ,2 then later in the 2000s playstation3, the Nintendo series ( now at Xbox 360 ) and computers OS like alien wear and Dell XPS opening new gates for games.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Guest lecture, Blitz gaming

One of my first Guest lectures ever in the history of my life, The lecture itself was very informing, both Blitz team members went into grate detail about what types of work is created within the industry and how my course will give me the skills to progress to a level where I can work for a gaming company. I had no idea that Blitz is one the top tier Independent company's in Europe and has been around since 1990 back when conceals such as Play Station 1, Gameboy and the Nintendo 64.
I was Impressed by the fact the company works on many platforms and don't specialise I one area, for example the team consists of Character artists, landscape artists, 3D artists, animators , technical artists, And There are more areas but I can't quite remember them all ! Regardless one area really took my fancy as I was not 100% sure what area I wanted to specialise in, I now know what I want to become......A character artiest. After looking into what makes a good character artist I began looking at possible jobs within the industry I looked at a range of company's: Blitz, Codemasters, Lion head, Blizzard entertainment and Epic games. The ones that stood out the most are Lion head,Codemasters and Blitz just because of the Diversity The company's have and the training they offer you if your part of the team. So I am going to Rap this post up to be honest, but most important I have walked away from the lecture with a clear knowing of what I want to become...A character artist !!!!!!

This is my first 2D charactar Very prodictable! 

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The joys of 2D ........The Dislike of 3D

Where to begin, So far I feel I have chosen the right course for me, The Visual side is awesome really gives me a chance to develop my skills and give me more insight to what kind of level I should be working to, 2D is defiantly my stronger skill at this point, the task set to draw to canal close to where I am living has helped me with 1st point perspective increasing my knowledge of how to draw what I see, I am enjoying drawing more then the 3D as I am finding it insanely hard * sad face * . I know the basic tools and macros for 3DS Max but I just can't get my head around making the Darlic and I will be honest it is starting to piss me off. I have asked for help from one of my fellow class mates and he gave me some really good tips to help me but I am still just not getting the hang of the creation of the Darlic!!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Who am i ?

My name is Thomas housley and i was born in Chesterfield, for those who don;t know where that is, its in the east Midlands. My interests include : Drawing, playing games, making music, and meeting new people. I also used to skate but that hobby died away after I finished college, I had bigger matters to attend to one of them being University.
People have asked me wile i have been at De Montfort what is my course all about do I just play games and nothing else,of course my answer is the same every time No! Its a art course and what do you do within an arts course......? At the same time people have asked “why did you choose that course” and its simple, My passion for drawing is HUGE I love it, the fact I like games to is not the reason for me joining the course, I enrolled because i want to develop my skill as an artiest, challenge myself progress to a level I never thought I could reach and the games art course offered me that chance. With all that been said the same question follows “ so what do you want to do at the end of your course” Quite simply my dream is to become a concept artist, that takes time but I know can make it.