Sunday, 10 October 2010

The joys of 2D ........The Dislike of 3D

Where to begin, So far I feel I have chosen the right course for me, The Visual side is awesome really gives me a chance to develop my skills and give me more insight to what kind of level I should be working to, 2D is defiantly my stronger skill at this point, the task set to draw to canal close to where I am living has helped me with 1st point perspective increasing my knowledge of how to draw what I see, I am enjoying drawing more then the 3D as I am finding it insanely hard * sad face * . I know the basic tools and macros for 3DS Max but I just can't get my head around making the Darlic and I will be honest it is starting to piss me off. I have asked for help from one of my fellow class mates and he gave me some really good tips to help me but I am still just not getting the hang of the creation of the Darlic!!

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