Thursday, 4 November 2010

Guest lecture, Blitz gaming

One of my first Guest lectures ever in the history of my life, The lecture itself was very informing, both Blitz team members went into grate detail about what types of work is created within the industry and how my course will give me the skills to progress to a level where I can work for a gaming company. I had no idea that Blitz is one the top tier Independent company's in Europe and has been around since 1990 back when conceals such as Play Station 1, Gameboy and the Nintendo 64.
I was Impressed by the fact the company works on many platforms and don't specialise I one area, for example the team consists of Character artists, landscape artists, 3D artists, animators , technical artists, And There are more areas but I can't quite remember them all ! Regardless one area really took my fancy as I was not 100% sure what area I wanted to specialise in, I now know what I want to become......A character artiest. After looking into what makes a good character artist I began looking at possible jobs within the industry I looked at a range of company's: Blitz, Codemasters, Lion head, Blizzard entertainment and Epic games. The ones that stood out the most are Lion head,Codemasters and Blitz just because of the Diversity The company's have and the training they offer you if your part of the team. So I am going to Rap this post up to be honest, but most important I have walked away from the lecture with a clear knowing of what I want to become...A character artist !!!!!!

This is my first 2D charactar Very prodictable! 

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