Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Who am i ?

My name is Thomas housley and i was born in Chesterfield, for those who don;t know where that is, its in the east Midlands. My interests include : Drawing, playing games, making music, and meeting new people. I also used to skate but that hobby died away after I finished college, I had bigger matters to attend to one of them being University.
People have asked me wile i have been at De Montfort what is my course all about do I just play games and nothing else,of course my answer is the same every time No! Its a art course and what do you do within an arts course......? At the same time people have asked “why did you choose that course” and its simple, My passion for drawing is HUGE I love it, the fact I like games to is not the reason for me joining the course, I enrolled because i want to develop my skill as an artiest, challenge myself progress to a level I never thought I could reach and the games art course offered me that chance. With all that been said the same question follows “ so what do you want to do at the end of your course” Quite simply my dream is to become a concept artist, that takes time but I know can make it.

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