Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My history of gaming.

My gaming history is quite typical I started with good games that made the games we have today what they are, then as I became older I found my soul was taken my online MMOS !!!!!!! however with out those days of gaming I would not have the passion I have now for wanting to create artwork for games. Lets start at the beginning of my “epic” history. To be perfectly honest it would not surprise me if this game was the first game most people from my generation played, I am talking about Sonic the hedgehog on the saga mega drive It was AWSOME. I can still remember the joy in witch this simple game give me hours of fun and entertainment, just the simple task of collecting coins saving weird animals by killing other weird shiz was just fantastic! 
 After killing all these wield animals you final get to one of the most infamous Rivalry's sonic vs doctor robotnik, best part of the game looked forward to doing those boss stages just because he did look like a complete tool so you wanted to jump and hit him in the face with a talking / walking blue hedgehog. 

Moving on swiftly from sonic the next game I played and found awesome was on the Nintendo 64, I am talking about Golden eye, only one word really to describe this game “godsend” some may think I am binging this game up to much, but be honest with your self the multi player mode was incredible just incredible, hours and hours of epic funny moments wile running around shooting your mates.
The next game I really loved to play Zelda Ocarina Of Time the fist the first game where you had to kill things using a sword I LOVED IT ! As you can guess I did buy and play all the zelda series who wouldn't. The amount of fun I got from running at things hitting the crap out of them was awesome plus the experience of questing just made this game a win for me. 
 These three games for where the highlight of my early days of gaming and personally what a start, however I can't help but feel that today's games have kinda gone down hill along with the games I play now.
Not all games in this generation are trouble but a vast margin have become to commercial and also alike. Take the CoD (call of duty) series for example, the first few CoD games where very enjoyable and I did like playing them, but as the game became larger so did the fan bandits, the suckers who saw a new CoD traitor, wet themselves and then got the game only to find out its the same as the rest just a different story, Even then the games have become more online based having very little or no campaign mode to try and enjoy the game single player! If someone asked me if I would play Golden eye or COD I would say “Are you Mad golden eye is win! Go back to your 360 and scream at fan bandits online wile under age kids make your ears bleed”. But there are games I fell have made this generation awesome for gamers and my top three are some what expected.
At Number one its borderlands I really don't have to say much in term of how much I enjoy this game, but the main thing that draws me into the game is the art direction that has been taken. I looks the balls ! Cartoon but yet has an edge of realism making the game play something new. One big reason I like this game is the fact it has elements I really enjoy, shooting shiz and questing to gaion levels, therefore make you character more powerful.
At number two its guildwars, now its clear that i am starting to like fantasy games, and games where you need to quest to make you character more powerful However this game was also my downfall as I sucked into the world of MMORPG gaming, although I enjoy it the experience I gain is not as fulfilling as when I started gaming way back in 1990s. Once again the art side of the game is what made me interested in playing it was jaw dropping, I am talking about art work that go's into your cool shiz folder! This game has a huge fan base and of course huge fan base means new games
hence Ucsoft are in the process of making guild wars 2 !!!

Last be not least at number thee is Battlefield , although this game is not as new as guildwars or borderlands is still has some fun content and is in all fairness it is a solid game. Although its heavy online based you can have retarded amounts of playing it single player, mainly just messing around enjoying the creation of rag doll and watching team mate fly miles in the air and not returning. This game was not one I choice to play though art work but the game play itself, I went though a faze of online shot 'um' ups needless to say I thought battle field was GREAT so it deserves my number thee slot.

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